We’re kicking off YP Week in West Virginia this year so you may have questions about what it is, how it works, and how to get more involved. We’ve listed the most common questions about our week of awesome happenings for young West Virginians. Not finding an answer to your question? Reach out directly through the contact form on our main page.

Q: I want to go to multiple events. Do I have to pick?

A: You can attend all events! We promise, if you hang meet people from all our chapters across the state, it’ll be the best week of your year.

Q: I want to share pictures of me at YP Week, who do I send them to? 

A: We encourage all attendees to post photos of their experience of YP Week events, remember to use the hashtag #GWVYP so that other people following the week’s happenings can see them too!

Q: I love these YP Week events. How can I get more involved during other parts of the year? 

A: We would love to have you get involved in the Generation Chapter nearest you who works hard to host events like this throughout the year in your community. Contact us at info@generationwv.org to get connected.

Q: This all sounds cool but I think I’m still missing something: what is a Generation Chapter?

A: Generation West Virginia is an organization dedicated to attracting, retaining, and advancing young talent in the Mountain State. Our 11 Generation Chapters around the state are core to our mission as they serve as hubs of connection, engagement, and development led by and for young people. Across the state, young leaders self-organize to form Generation Chapters that make up an activated network of young people who are eager to step up in their communities. While Generation West Virginia provides support to all of our chapters, they are volunteer-led, planning programs, events, and opportunities for their local networks. Each chapter is led by a volunteer board or steering committee, providing leadership opportunities for those who join.

Our chapters are developed out of the local leadership’s answer to one question: What would you do to make your community a place where more young people can choose to stay? Each chapter strives to build on the assets of their community and expand the opportunities for young people to get connected and involved.